Director of the Center for Juvenile Justice Training and Research

The Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission is seeking applicants for the position of Director, Center for Juvenile Justice Training and Research.

This is a civil service position. The application process will be open from April 15 until May 2, 2015.

The Civil Service job announcement number is 2015-053 with the title of “Juvenile Justice Training & Research Director” under the section of announcements listed as “Law Enforcement, Investigation and Safety”. It is accessible though the link below:

Please contact Rick Steele, Deputy Director, Juvenile Court Judges' Commission for additional information.

Position Now Available
Center for Juvenile Justice Training and Research

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Juvenile Probation Supervisor any individual who supervises other employees, but who is not a Chief Juvenile Probation Officer, as of the date of the nomination letter's postmark. This category includes all Deputy Chiefs, Assistant Directors, Supervisors, and others functioning in a similar capacity.
Juvenile Probation Officer any individual who is employed as a Juvenile Probation Officer, but who is not a Chief Juvenile Probation Officer or Juvenile Probation Supervisor, as of the date of the nomination letter's postmark.
Meritorious Service Award any individual not receiving remuneration for working with at risk, alleged and/or delinquent children. This individual is a volunteer committed to furthering the development of youth in the juvenile justice system.
Court Operated Program any program operated by court employees which serves alleged and/or adjudicated delinquent youth.
Residential Program any public or private sector program serving alleged and/or adjudicated delinquent youth in a residential setting. This includes foster homes, group homes, residential treatment programs, general child care facilities, shelter care facilities, detention centers, independent living programs, and other programs providing out-of-home, overnight care to children. Previous award winners are eligible for nomination beginning in 2015.
Community-Based Program any public or private sector program, not operated by the Court, which provides community-based, non-residential care to alleged and/or adjudicated delinquent youth, including but not limited to, day treatment programs, in-home services, Boys and Girls Clubs, and out-patient services.
Juvenile Court Support Service Award any individual who provides clerical, secretarial, management, information technology or other support services to the Juvenile Court.  This includes receptionists, secretaries, clerk/typists, information technology specialists, office managers, and others functioning in a similar support capacity.

Victim Advocate Award any individual who works on behalf of crime victims as a Victim Advocate in a district attorney’s office, juvenile probation department, or in a community–based agency. This individual does not need to be in a position that is entirely dedicated to victims of juvenile crime, but it should be a significant part of their position.


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